Welcome to Brambly Farms

We pride ourselves in selling to some of the country's top chefs. These professionals want superior quality and they want it delivered consistently to their kitchens. Being trusted by our chefs is the greatest compliment our farm receives.  We are now offering our local pasture raised meats to our meat CSA customers and invite you to join so that your family can also enjoy some of the best meat available.


Brambly Farms was started over 9 years ago by Ted and Sandra and their 5 children. Although we've grown our love of raising happy animals hasn't changed.

Some of the ladies

Every animal that our family raises at Brambly Farms has no added hormones or chemicals given to them and they are humanely raised with care and respect. We only keep rare breeds and allow them ample space to live in a comfortable and healthy environment. Our passion for what leaves our farm, means the highest quality on your families' table.


We invite you to join our new meat CSA !

IT's easy to join and cancel (if you need to.... because your lucky enough to go live in Fiji), with rolling sign-ups, many drop off locations and the best local  pastured meats. See all the details on our CSA detail page in the drop down menu or call 508 520 2321 to talk to us directly.  Thank you.